Janice Ong

Founder and Master Trainer

Diploma in Piano Teaching from the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music
Grade 8 Theory from the Associated Board
Bachelor of Science from National University of Singapore

Ms. Janice Ong is a highly accomplished individual with a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of music education. As the founder and Master Trainer, she has cultivated an excellent reputation in nurturing young talents and aspiring musicians. She is committed to inspiring a love for music and empowering students to reach their full potential in their musical pursuits.

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Hsiao Wan Yi

Piano and Music Theory Teacher

Masters in Piano performance
Taipei University of the Arts

Teacher Wan Yi is a proficient piano and music theory teacher with a strong foundation in classical music and contemporary styles. Her passion for music and dedication to fostering a supportive learning environment enables her students to excel in their musical journey.

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Jasmine Vahdati

Piano, Theory and Sing & Play Teacher

Grade 8 Piano from Associated Board of the Royal School of Music
Masters of Arts in Literary Studies from National University of Singapore

Teacher Jasmine is a dynamic Piano, Theory, and Sing & Play teacher who brings a unique approach to music education. With her expertise in music training, she inspires her students to embrace the joy of music through her innovative lessons and diverse teaching methods.

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Lim Ai Hooi

Piano and Singing Teacher

Bachelors in Music (Piano and Voice)
Royal College of Music

Teacher Ai Hooi is a seasoned Piano and Singing teacher with a keen eye for nurturing talent in her students. With her extensive experience as a performer and instructor, she tailors her lessons to cater to individual goals and aspirations. Her exceptional guidance and focus on vocal and piano techniques have enabled her students to develop into well-rounded musicians.

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