Being meticulous is not just a switch to be turned on and off but a way of life which the musical journey invites you to be.

We adopt the “Fundamentals-First Belief”.  “We must learn to walk before we can run”. Entering the world of music can be so daunting. Hence, through the meticulous crafting of our curriculum and materials our main goal remains fundamental-centric across all levels to set you on the right path.

Whether it is in the creation of our very own handouts and lesson material which we provide to all learners, video catalogs serving as learning guides that can be assessed at your fingertips any time, a quiz and rewards system created for every single course available, dedicatedly crafted seasonal workshops and events and many more, we ensure there is quality in every aspect of our curriculum for a quality learning environment.

Then, with the fundamentals laid, through a gradual and structured curriculum we ensure the learning curve is never too steep as we guide you every step of the way.  All our courses are structured in a progressive manner to guarantee every experience feels like a session of inspiration and elevation, not a mere assessment of ability. Our teaching utilises a huge range of prepared material as we aim to inspire you through a myriad of ways – from more abstract musical insight down to methodical strategies, to ensure that above the foundations is a reinforced skillset.