Learning Journey

Throughout my time at Presto Studios, I believe that I have grown a lot in the musical aspect. When I first started taking lessons, I was a beginner with little experience. But with the help of my teachers at Presto Studios, I have developed my skills and knowledge in ways that I never thought possible.

For one, my technical abilities have improved greatly, such as proper posture, hand positioning, and fingering techniques that have enabled me to play pieces with ease. I have also learned how to read music more fluently and accurately, which has expanded my repertoire and given me more confidence in my abilities.

Special Moments

Learning to play an instrument can be challenging at times, and there have been moments during my journey where I have felt frustrated and wanted to give up. However, my teacher has been there to support me during these difficult moments.

For example, I remember struggling with a difficult piece that I was working on for a recital. But my teacher was incredibly patient and encouraging and she helped me break down the piece into smaller sections to work it out easier. She also gave me specific techniques and exercises to help me overcome the challenging parts of the piece.