The first step in ensuring a delightful learning experience is to first set an appropriate outcome every step of the way.

In our world of instant gratification we all love seeing progress bars to visualize where we stand. To facilitate that, most of our courses offer a unique and meticulously-created assessment and rewards system serving as learning milestones, all with one goal in mind: Learn and be rewarded, be rewarded to learn.

For beginner learners, we have a wide array of courses to choose from, ranging from the Young Beginner to the Adult Beginner Courses. For intermediate to advanced learners, we offer a variety of courses, with the Leisure and Classical routes being the main tracks. 

There is a course for everyone and when aboard with us you will always know what you’re working towards and be motivated by the potential massive delight that ensues from reaching it.

We ensure that every lesson, every interaction, every idea our educators and environment provides is one of delight. We believe that the practice room should be a playroom – after all music itself is a delight and as a learner much of the delight can come from discovering the endless possibilities the world of music has to offer. We aim to cultivate that sense of intrinsic musical motivation. Combined with our meticulous approach, we aspire to keep your smile up with every experience and with every sense of accomplishment in the learning process, be it big or small.