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As with other subjects, music requires constant nurturing and realignment to reach personal goals and wants. 

Inside Presto Studios: Our Story

At Presto Studios, we envision creating a nurturing space where we value every student for his/her unique abilities and needs, we guide adventures of self-discovery. Our teaching methodology and approach shape learning paths that bring out the best in every individual.

Why Presto Studios?

Unique Teaching Methodology

Personalised Lesson Plans That Reduce Our Students' Learning Curve

Wholesome Curriculum

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Your Music Course and Learning Journey includes:

Your Piano Course and Learning Journey includes:

Type of Piano Courses:

The beginner piano course captures the child’s playful spirit. Fun-filled songs, rhythm games and technique activities develop beginning keyboard skills.

Taught in a progressive and comprehensive manner, the child will not only get to learn songs and piano pieces but also do written work that hones their basic theory skills through fun activities such as puzzles, secret codes, colouring pages, mazes, storylines and many more.

At this level, students will primarily be honing their piano fundamentals and required skills in depth as each grade will require a certain level of technique.  The ABRSM syllabus forms the backbone of our lesson curriculum.

In addition to that, our students are constantly exposed to playing non-classical repertoires and other techniques to help develop their musicianship.


Upon completion of Grade 8, students can continue to pursue a higher level in search of more challenges.

Students can consider taking up ARSM as a way to enhance their performance skills before entering higher education. If not, they can also go straight into Diploma which has more stringent criterias. Whichever path that the student chooses, the course will definitely shape them into a more profound musician.

Presto Studios' Piano Course Curriculum

Step-by-Step Piano Lesson Plans
Smoother and more efficient piano learning journey

The beginner piano course captures the child’s playful spirit. Fun-filled songs, rhythm games and technique activities develop beginning keyboard skills.

Taught in a progressive and comprehensive manner in each lesson, the child will not only get to learn songs and piano pieces but also do written work that hones his/her basic theory skills through fun activities. 

You will get to learn your first real song within a few months.

Congratulations for passing the beginner level.  At this stage, you have acquired basic sight reading, techniques and aural ability. 

Feeling more accomplished and confident now, you would be very curious to explore more songs and would like to come back for more. 

Exploration of repertoires is of paramount at this level and you will continue to play classical and popular tunes.  You will continue to acquire the same skillsets but at a more difficult level.  You will learn important practice habits that sets the foundation for years to come.  

When you reach this level, you will notice that the amount of training you’ve put in for the last 5 – 6 years have been paid off.  Your musical talent is blossoming and you are beginning to develop your musicality while you continue to hone your playing skills.

You are maturing as a musician.  Not only will you be able to play your favourite music with your teacher, you have reached the capability to play accompaniment for your friends or your young siblings. 

Take your playing from good to great as you learn how to polish your skills further.  Further exploration of the use of sustaining pedal, una corda pedal, playing of music with same clefs, performing a composition by a famous musician will help to shape your personal style.

The more intricate skills are what separates the players that are able to play music that sounds “okay” as compared to the ones who are able to demand attention once they set their fingers on the keyboard. You will certainly be taking your sight reading skills to the next level using our unique teaching methodology. 

You will realise that the pieces are starting to come together as you are now able to play the music from within.    

There’s no specific end point to learning music.  However, we plan out the curriculum within the ABRSM framework.   Beyond grade 8, students will be able to proceed to diploma levels as they now explore great works by the famous composers.

You will learn how to structure your own practice to meet weekly goals set by teacher.  Whatever courses you choose, you will now be applying the skillsets you’ve learned over the past years to the repertoires that you will be learning. 

Availability of performance platforms will allow you to showcase your learnt repertoires to teachers and family members.

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What Other Parents Are Saying About us!

  • Fun Learning Journey

    Janice Ee

    Presto Studios provides a cozy and encouraging learning space for their students. Teachers are dedicated, passionate, patient and creative. They set homework and encourage practice with goals and rewards which my son responded to with determination and enthusiasm. They make learning fun and nurture the joy of learning in their students. Thank you to the teachers and staff at Presto Studios for their great work. A special thanks to Teacher Chiara for being such an amazing and inspiring teacher. I am very happy with how my son has progressed with you.

  • Best Customer Experience

    Azuan Tan

    Presto studios has been exceptional in nurturing our son's musical development, and special mention to his teachers who have not only been patient but extremely nurturing towards developing him in the best way he can... Thanks Presto!!

  • Tailored Teaching

    Bonnie Loh

    My Son has been with Presto Studios for several years. He has shown remarkable improvement in his learning journey with Presto Studios. I would like to say a big thank you for motivating him to persevere. He actually enjoys the classes, thereby making it possible to play his favourite pieces independently today. Please keep up your good work!

  • Enjoyable Learning Process!

    Judy Ho

    My child has been learning piano with Presto Studios for more than 4 years. Initially, he doesn't really enjoy playing but with the encouragement and patience from the teachers here, he is gradually making progress. As a parent, I really appreciate the good work and the process that the teacher goes through with my child. Thank you Presto Studios!

  • Dedicated, Supportive and Passionate teachers!

    Jane Koh

    My daughters have been attending piano classes with Presto Studios for some years from beginner to now learning Grade 8. The teachers are very dedicated, supportive and passionate in their teaching. The environment is conducive and nurturing. Teacher Janice, Teacher Chiara and the team of teachers have continually instilled and inspired my girls' interest and enjoyment in their piano learning journey. Kudos to Presto Studios!

  • Constant Review Provided

    Crystal Lee

    The teachers and staff are very helpful and caring. With their patience and care, my girls look forward to attend the classes every week. They have improved a lot in their skills and have gained more confidence now. The studio arranges various meetings to update parents so that we can understand the children’s progress and learning needs. So far we are very happy with the learning here.

  • Enjoyable Learning Process

    Cecilia Lim

    My daughter enjoyed the learning process in the class with the teacher. She loves the activities and piano class very much. In addition, Presto Studios is flexible while attending to our request on the replacement class schedule.

  • Teaching of Piano Fundamentals

    Zheng Mei Qin

    I've joined Presto Studios for 3 months and throughout my learning journey, I've learnt how to enjoy playing music and how to improve my sight reading and aural skills. I have gained back my confidence and motivation in playing. In the past, I've changed many piano teachers, who were claiming to have taught many years but I realised for higher grades, we will need someone not just with experience but also able to pass down the knowledge, skills n art of appreciation. I'm grateful to have given myself 1 last chance to try out and am grateful to Presto Studios to helping me achieve greater heights. Thanks! 🙂

  • Recommended for All Ages!

    Cai Yi Hang

    I started learning piano here since age 6, 11 years ago. Throughout my time so far I have learnt under many different teachers and attended different events. Its really enjoyable learning here as the Teachers are very dedicated and know how to train different students effectively. The events are also very meaningful, fun as well as educational. The staff are also very kind and dedicated to making this music studio a conducive environment for study. Recommended for all ages!

  • Dedicated Team of Professionals

    Violetta Wong-Thevathasan

    Our family has always loved music and we wanted both my children to learn a musical instrument so that they too could appreciate music. We scouted around before deciding on Presto Studios. Our kids have now been a part of Presto Studios for a few years and we know we have made the right decision as the teachers and principal are very dedicated to their work. More importantly, they are patient and truly desire to see their young talents grow in the music arena.

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