Finally, having a big heart in wanting to nurture your inner greatness is what ultimately drives it all.

Playing a piece of music should never just be about playing the notes. It is the human touch that breathes life into music and we have the heart to nurture that inner musical greatness by providing a wholesome musical experience.

Our curriculum is centered around developing wholesome musicians. We aspire for all our learners to be at comfort with performing on the instrument while also having the aptitude to enjoy, appreciate and think about music as independent learners. Going beyond just the teaching of performance repertoire, we also center our teaching around essential musical components to truly hone all-rounded musicianship skills. Even for learners on exam-focused tracks, we constantly expand your musical palette through the learning of supplementary repertoire. Above all, we want to develop musicians who deep down enjoy the musical process and in turn inspire others to do the same.

Being a wholesome musician is about always being a curious explorer, reaching into the endless kaleidoscope of musical wonder and through continuous experiencing of that wonder, express music in a wholesome manner. Thus, as musicians ourselves having been through the musical journey and pursuing the similar infinite possibilities of music exploration, we always keep our hearts open to support you every step of the way in a wholesome manner, starting small from the fundamentals and through a meticulous but delight-filled journey, to blossom. 

We believe everyone has innate musical ability and it is up to us to nurture that inner greatness; we will always have the heart to inspire you to in turn be able to create music from the heart.

By joining us, you are also automatically part of a vibrant Presto community. Between interacting during performance classes and events, features of performances as well as day-in-day-outs on social media pages and newsletters as well as an alumni community, know that you are part of a community. 

We are also a symbol of music education – across your journey you will receive specially-made badges of achievement, merchandise such as tote bags and stationery, and much more. Wear them with pride!

During and even after the eventual end of your Presto journey, your musical greatness will bloom from the seeds of knowledge and inspiration deeply embedded within as you light up the world with the joy of music. Let your musical story begin with a meticulously approached, wholesome and delightful music education from the heart.